With aromatic top notes: bergamot, pineapple and green apple


: How to use

On wet hair: spray at a distance of at least 20 centimeters to the hair (long hair: 10-15 spots; long hair: 7-12 spots; short hair: 6-8 medium spots; apply and distribute the product as usual


On dry hair: spray the product into your vedic (long hair: 10-15 spots; medium-length hair: 7-12 spots; short hair: 6-8 spots; short hair: 6-8 spots) and rub, then apply to hair (do not apply on the scalp). Fry hair as usual



Hair is exposed to various types


such as greasy, dry, fine, curly, and other types, and among the problems that make it lose its healthy and beautiful appearance, such as dry hair or its loss and other problems, healthy and beautiful hair gives confidence to the lady, and there are several steps, and natural recipes that are easy to prepare, and do not need time and are effective in Treating and caring for hair problems


Steps and tips for hair care



Eating a healthy diet, as proteins and omega-3s found in salmon and walnuts are essential for scalp health.

Washing hair with warm water, not hot, in order to maintain its shine.

Avoid treating dandruff using oils, as it exacerbates the problem.

Avoid exposing the hair too much to the sun’s rays, as it causes it to dry out, so it is recommended to apply a sunscreen product for the hair or wear a hat to protect from the sun.

Choose the type of shampoo suitable for the type and nature of the hair, as there are types for oily hair and types for dry hair

Avoid using an electric hair dryer on wet hair, but it is preferable to leave the hair first to dry naturally.

Hair oiling regularly.

to take care of the scalp and to increase hair growth, using coconut oil.

olive oil, or almond oil.

Cutting the ends of the hair.

Regularly, in order to help its growth and strengthening.

it is recommended to cut its ends every 6 or 8 weeks.

Combing the hair in the morning and before going to sleep.

as the combing process distributes the natural oils evenly on the parts of the hair, thus giving it luster.

Using the appropriate conditioner, as the conditioner makes the hair softer and more lustrous.

Avoid using hair dyes and colors.

as they damage the hair because they contain chemicals that harm the hair.

so if you want to dye your hair, it is recommended to use natural dyes.