Golden Rose Terracota Stardust

Skin care is a practice to maintain healthy skin, enhance and improve the appearance, and reduce skin diseases. Skin care can include nourishment, avoidance of excessive sun exposure, and appropriate use of skin moisturizers.

Skin-preserving practices include cosmetic use, Botox, peels, laser resurfacing, retinol therapy, and ultrasound skin treatments.
 Skin care is a daily routine for many places on the body, such as skin that is too dry or too moist, preventing dermatitis and preventing skin infections.
Golden Rose Terracota Stardust

Skin care is part of wound healing treatment, radiation therapy, and some medications.
Normal skin
Normal skin is characterized by small pores, free of spots, not prone to acne or blackheads, and a light reddish color due to regular circulation. And normal skin is not shiny and therefore it is balanced and often appears at a young age enjoying good health. But it does not mean that neglecting it may turn into dry skin and the appearance of wrinkles. Therefore, the face should be washed with water three times a day, and a face wash such as rose water should be used to refresh the skin and moisturize the skin with creams suitable for the skin type.
Oily skin
It is the one that looks shiny and soft as a result of the sebaceous secretions in excess of the normal rate of the sebaceous glands in the body, and this leads to the widening of its pores and thus to the laxity of the skin.





Golden Rose Terracota Stardust

Brand Golden Rose
Colour pink No102
Unit count 1 count
Number of Items 1
Item weight 20 Grams
Item dimensions LxWxH 50 x 30 x 20 millimeters

About this item

  • Brand: Golden Rose
  • Manufacturer Number: M145161
  • Type: Blusher
  • Expirable: true
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